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If you're interested in ADHD, please check out my YouTube channel for my Boss Of Your Brain educational programs.

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I am also a consultant for group coaching courses offering ADHD specific skills based programs in time management (Getting it Done) and managing relationships (Showing Up, Together).

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If you are interested in a planner designed to support executive functions, you can check out the UForward planner here

Books and links I think are helpful

Free Online CBT

This Kelty's Key module is really helpful - feel free to check out the other modules too!

ADHD in Women

An interesting summary on how changes in estrogen effect the expression of ADHD

Dr. Siegal has some EXCELLENT Resources on his webpages and his books are good too. I especially like his take on all the elements that we need to include in our lives every day.

I enjoyed reading The Gap and the Gain. How do you measure success? Forwards (the distance between where you are now and your identified goal)

Or Backwards (the distance between where you are now compared to where you started)?

If you said Backwards.... You are on the right track to success and happiness 😊

This book has a number of helpful tips and suggestions.

The first section is examples followed by solutions you can execute on your own. The second section is examples and solutions you can execute with outside help such as family members or friends with specific skills. The third section is what sort of professional services you should seek out should the options in sections 1 and 2 not work out or become overwhelming.

I often recommend this book as it provides a really good explanation of how multiple "small t" traumas in childhood can negatively effect the child's attachment to their caregiver(s). While I'm not convinced the symptoms of Adult ADHD are entirely a reflection of insecure attachment as I believe there is a genetic component that affects the child's temperament and tendencies, Dr. Mate's description of how attachment develops (at the beginning of the book) is excellent.

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