ADHD Coaching

I have a small private practice where I provide short term psychotherapy and executive function coaching services for clients coping with ADHD/ADD, as I have specialized training in this area.

Currently my individual session coaching practice is limited to participants who have completed one or two of the group coaching programs at

I provide strategies to improve attention, memory, executive functioning and organizational skills, as well as techniques to increase your ability to cope with frustration. My area of specialized interest is assessment and coaching of executive functioning deficits in high functioning clients, as these problems can hamper the ability to advance in your career.

For clients seeking ADHD coaching, I may suggest we complete an assessment of the ways ADHD/ADD presents a barrier to success, and then I work collaboratively with you to develop and implement strategies. If you are coping with ADHD Inattentive Type, you may struggle to maintain alertness, be unable to focus despite being interested in the topic, or have difficulty planning, beginning or completing tasks. If you been diagnosed with ADHD Hyperactive Type or ADHD Combined Type (by me or someone else) we may also need strategies to manage problems with excessive movement, excessive talking and/or fidgeting.

For psychotherapy (when offered), I mainly use cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, interpersonal therapy techniques, and attachment based therapy.

For all therapy and coaching clients, I work with couples and families if the client feels this would be helpful as part of their own treatment. However, I do not provide specific couple-counselling services as I do not have expertise in this area.

Individual sessions are typically 50 minutes in length, with 10 minutes reserved for payment and scheduling. The BC Psychological Association recommended rate for 50 minute sessions is $235. My fee for rehabilitation, coaching, and psychotherapy sessions is $225. I offer mainly telepsychology sessions via secure videoconferencing or telephone though I do offer some in person sessions when needed. For returning clients who have completed an assessment with me, or several 50 minute sessions, I offer 30-minute video or telephone sessions for $135. I do not offer 30-minute in person sessions.

Alternative Psychologists

There is a list of alternate psychologists available on the psychology association of BC website:

and on the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists website: